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Arb 50 quart fridge

Your question might be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who bought this product. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Please enter a question. No off-road trip is complete without a place to keep the food fresh and, more importantly, the beers cold.

ARB Classic Series II Fridge / Freezer for Any Toyota

Introducing the Classic Fridge Freezer Series II that incorporates a new modern color scheme along with added features.

Tried and tested, the ARB Fridge Freezer has been a staple in the off-roading community for years thanks to its proven performance. Featuring a new color scheme inspired by the recently released-ARB Jack, the gunmetal grey fridge body contrasts perfectly with the black highlights.

The transmitter is included at no additional cost with the purchase of a new Series II Fridge Freezer. The Classic Fridge Freezer Series II has a dimmable, backlit touchpad for easy night time operation and 12V power input readout for simple voltage monitoring on the display. The app will display the target temperature, the power input voltage, the fridge compressor status, and alert the user if the lid is left open.

The application allows the fridge to be switched between Celsius or Fahrenheit, offers battery protection notifications high, medium, or lowand allows adjustment of the fridge display's brightness high or low in the settings. The user can also allocate preset temperatures to assign specific temperatures to a particular item in the fridge.

For example, you would want your drink temperature to be different than an ice cream temperature. To complement the fridge, a new transit bag has been designed with a modern and stylish look, capturing the dark monochrome tones of the fridge, and includes a bonus branded bottle opener. For owners of current ARB Fridges post modelsthe new transmitter and app can be used to display the temperature, input voltage, and compressor status.

All the existing features and benefits such as removable lid, reversible basket, mounting points etc were carried over from Series I Fride Freezers. All exterior and internal dimensions remain the same as the Series I Fridge Freezers.

Inspired by ARB Jack, the gun-metal color body of the fridge highlights the black plastics offering a smart and sleek contrast and improved UV resistance. Backlit control panel buttons for ease-of-use in poor light conditions. Customizable dimmable display.Your question might be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who bought this product.

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Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Please enter a question. ARB fridge freezers are the ideal way to keep your food and beverages chilled or frozen on your 4x4 adventures, regardless of ambient conditions.

Own one and you'll never again find your lunch water- logged by shifting ice, and there'll always be a cold drink on hand during the sweltering summer months.

ARB Fridge/Freezer unboxing and why you shouldn't buy one !!

Designed with four-wheel drivers in mind, ALL models have a front opening lid creating improved access to the fridge contents and making them a perfect partner for fridge slides. Utilizing the patented ARB hinge system further enhances access to the internal contents. Tried and tested, the ARB Fridge Freezer has been a staple in the off-roading community for years thanks to its proven performance. With ARB portable fridge freezers, there'll always be a cold drink on hand during the sweltering summer months.

Matched with webbing straps and quality spring loaded clips, this accessory is a smart and functional addition. ARB products are sold and serviced through authorized distributors worldwide. Our staff and distributors are 4x4 enthusiasts, and have a clear understanding of the demanding conditions our products are expected to work in. Skip to main content. FREE delivery: March 3 - 9. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Add to Cart.

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ARB 50 Quart Fridge Freezer [Why Do People Love it?]

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arb 50 quart fridge

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arb 50 quart fridge

Size: 50 Quart. Elements Weatherproof 63 Quart. About this item This fits your. Similar item from our brands. Frequently bought together. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List.While not an inexpensive purchase for your 4Runner, fridge freezers make a lot of sense.

No longer is one dipping their hand into cold, icy water to retrieve items, food avoids becoming waterlogged and there is no reason any longer to constantly have to find and buy ice. This article will provide details on some of the most popular overland fridge freezers on the market today. One of the proven leaders in the fridge freezer market, ARB launched their line-up over a decade ago and have recently revamped their classic fridge freezer units.

Formerly blue on the exterior, the units now boast a gun-metal color with black plastic trim and using an app, can be monitored via a Bluetooth connection. The units use a Danfoss BD35F compressor, has an internal LED light, offer a three-year warranty and have three battery protection levels. ARB has many options ranging from 37qts to 82qts with features like Bluetooth controlled settings, and much more. The fridge freezer offers a deep-freeze to degrees, beefed up corners, 12v DC and v AC, an interior LED light and an app to monitor the fridge settings.

Depending on how the fridge is being mounted in the vehicle, the side opening lid can be an added bonus. There is something in the Dometic lineup for just about anyone. You can see the entire line of electric Dometic cooler here. Another Australian fridge freezer manufacturer, Engel has been in business for a long time and crafts a quality product.

The units have a digital read-out, both 12v DC and v AC options, can operate up to degrees below the ambient temperature and feature a Sawafuji Swing Compressor. The case is heavy-duty, made from galvanized steel, is front opening and has built-in battery protection. Although this brand relatively small in terms of brand awareness, its design, and reviews give this unit a strong edge in the community. One of the least expensive fridge freezers in this comparison, Indel B offers a lot for a little money.

The heart of the unit is the Danfoss BD35F compressor, found on higher priced units, offers both 12v Dc and v AC power, features three battery protection levels. These units are made of stainless steel, feature a Danfoss BD35F compressor, have a temperature range of between 20C to C, built-in battery monitor, internal LED light and offer a three-year warranty.

The fridge freezer has a 52l capacity and a really nice feature is the dual-direction lid which can be changed to be either front or side opening. The company also produces a dual compartment fridge offering more control over the temperatures in the fridge and freezer sections.

The company is currently revamping its product line so specs and pricing are subject to change. This is a great option if you are running short on space but still want plenty of room to pack for a weekend.

One of the newer players in the fridge freezer market, Smittybilt is no stranger to off-road products and accessories. Their fridge freezer has a Danfoss compressor, runs on both 12v DC and v AC, features a three-stage cut-off protection circuit, and offers an anti-vibration design, has an interior LED light, and has a front opening lid and an LED display. The fridge holds 52 qt, has a removable storage basket, a separate dairy section and the temperature range runs between F and 50F.

The SnoMaster Fridge Freezers share a similar look to the National Luna product and its easy to understand why both companies are based in South Africa.

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The fridge freezer has a stainless steel exterior, a wireless monitor, runs on both 12v DC and v AC and a transit bag, bottle opener and remote are included in the price. The company also offers a five-year warranty on its watt compressor. The only drawback with this fridge freezer is that the power cords plugin at the front of the unit which could make for some difficulty if using a fridge slide.

SnoMaster has absolutely made their way into the USA and the guys I know running this fridge really enjoy it. SnoMaster features many of the bells and whistles the mainstream brands like ARB and Dometic but it comes in a slightly lower price point. These first items are tie-downs.This portable appliance is popular choice for those who want to keep food cold while on the road.

With a smaller footprint, it fits easily in SUVs and trucks, yet the inside compartment is large enough to hold up to 72 ounce cans. This size car cooler can accommodate and chill plenty of food and drinks for a group of people. However, it is not so big that it consumes excess unneeded energy because it is so large. Read over Customer Reviews. In addition, people like ARB coolers because they consume less energy that other similar electric coolers.

In fact, it uses less energy than a single headlamp 0. You can attribute this to the efficient insulation built into the cooler. Quite the contrary, actually. ARB features the largest-in-class internal capacity for vehicle fridge freezers. Plus, the ARB has an adjustable integrated battery protection system. In fact, this heavy-duty weatherproof appliance is designed for off-road use. For example, you can bold this unit to your vehicle. And the handles can hold tie-down systems. You can still count on it to run reliably, and for many years.

This tough and rugged cooler also includes a variety of convenient featureslike an internal LED Light, electronic temperature controls. Plus, the outer control panel has a bright easy-to-see display with large buttons. You can separate delicate items into different compartments within the cooler. In addition, the removable drain plug makes the unit easy to clean and air out when needed. Plus, when you take into account the cost savings with this efficient compressor refrigeration system divided by many years, well, you get a pretty good deal.

However, I have yet to find one used.Expect to see more reviews like this in the future as we share our experiences with various products on the overlanding market. We will give our honest opinion on how well a product meets our needs, the quality characteristics it possess, the price point when purchased, and the level of customer service experienced. We will not review a brand new product, all our articles will be about items we have tested and tried multiple times and in various environments.

Unless otherwise noted, all products were purchased by us; we have not received any compensation for our product reviews. The trouble with our cooler setup was keeping food and drinks at a consistent temperature for the duration of our trip. On occasion we have returned home with packs of bacon or sandwich meat that had to be tossed because they were too warm.

Our cooler was large and took up a ton of space in the rig, not to mention being unwieldy to move about. As the duration of our adventures began to increase, so did the attrition rate for our food.

The ARB solution had quickly risen to the top of our wish list.

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On February 24th of we purchased a 50 quart unit from 4WheelParts. Along with the fridge, we also ordered the tie down system and wiring harness for direct connection to our battery. You can run this unit from a factory 12V socket at the rear of your vehicle, however we wanted to minimize voltage drop to the rear location and keep our factory plug free for other accessories.

We later ordered the cover to help protect the exterior of the fridge from scuffs while adding a touch more insulation not that it needed it. After 14 months of use the unit is still going strong and we have surprised ourselves at just how much we use the unit. With the low current draw.

Even if we were to leave the unit powered on without recharging the rig battery, the built-in battery protection will shut the unit off if voltage levels drop to one of three customizable thresholds, preventing you from being left stranded.

We have used our ARB for vacations, grocery store trips, cross country travel, overland adventures, and even for keeping chilled water on hand for community events.

However, when we are ready to remove it, the empty weight of Typically we stage the ARB fridge in the camper we are full-timers the day before a long trip and plug it into the V outlet with the included power cord and load everything we need while maintaining the temp we desire. The handles are also designed to be used as securing points with the optional tie-down kit which makes cinching it down a breeze.

ARB Portable Classic Series II Fridge/Freezer

Note: A handy trick for helping with the capacity is to limit your non-perishable items water, other beverages, etc. Another really ingenious feature is the LED fridge light. No digging around in the dark since the unit lights up just like your fridge in the kitchen.

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Those folks with tighter spaces, like with a custom storage area, will appreciate this feature. However, the springs are quite strong and it feels as if the lid will snap the frame before freeing itself.Products View Select Your Vehicle.

Keeping your food fresh and your drinks cold no matter where you are, the Classic Series II range of fridge freezers includes an advanced electronic control system with a dimmable backlit touchpad for easy night time operation, as well as a 12V power input readout for simple voltage monitoring on the display. Not only enabling full control of fridge settings including temperature and battery protection, the wireless transmitter included with the Series II allows remote display and control through LINX and smart devices via the Fridge Connect app.

Designed as an integral part of the interior cabinet, ensuring simplified cleaning and optimum use of internal storage space. Multiple storage options by separating fridge contents or alternatively allowing longer items to be positioned along the length of the cabinet. Durable, Secop Compressor with smart electronic control system enables rapid cool down to target temperature. Powder coated, robust zinc steel cabinet sides designed to withstand extreme off road conditions.

Simple to use, large over-centre cam lock latch provides a positive seal between the lid and cabinet for maximum cooling efficiency. Tough, two piece injection moulded lid incorporates a recessed seal, preventing excessive wear and damage. Stainless steel detent hinge ensures the lid can be easily released and securely slid back into place. Perfect for family trips or off roading, the 63QT Fridge Freezer features a low profile to suit roller drawer systems, larger 4x4s, boats, and camper trailers.

With a huge capacity, the 82QT Fridge Freezer provides sufficient space to keep a touring family well stocked with cold food and drinks during extended off-road adventures. Granting users full control of the Series II Fridge Freezer via mobile devices, the ARB Fridge Freezer app can turn the fridge on and off, as well as manually adjust or set via presets the target temperature and display the target temperature, power input voltage, and fridge compressor status.

Note: For Classic Series I post modelsthe new transmitter and app can be used to display the temperature, input voltage, and compressor status. The ARB Transit Bag shields your fridge from dents and scratches while also providing additional insulation in extreme temperatures.

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Fridge App Connect Module Add. Transit Bag Classic Fridge 37q Add. US Catalog View online or order a printed copy.

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arb 50 quart fridge

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